Kite Shield - DEET Free Mosquito Repellent Promo Offer (Free Shipping to the U.S. )


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Product Description:

Finally! A 100% DEET-Free mosquito repellent that's more effective than traditional repellents!

Our spray repellent product creates an invisible repelling barrier on the skin without harming you, or the environment.

Kite Shield’s patent-pending natural formula works by targeting mosquitoes’ sensing receptors - the part of the insect that guides them towards a food source. Our blend of botanical ingredients confuses the receptors and creates a barrier on the skin.

All Natural Ingredient List Includes:  Hydration emollients, Lemon-grass infused fragrance, patent-pending Kite formulation:

lemongrass oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, corn oil, wintergreen oil, vanillin, and isopropyl alcohol.

Dermatologist tested safe

See How Kite Works Below:


Product Specs:

Net Contents: 100ml/3.38fl. oz.
Dimensions: 6.5”x 1/38”x 1.38”

Kite Is Completely Changing The Way We Protect Ourselves From Mosquitos

Kite has been featured in various news and media outlets including, The New York Times, Business Week, CNET, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Wired, ABC NEWS, BBC WORLD NEWS, GIGAOM, and much more!

Mosquitos Are No Joke...

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the number one deadliest animal on the planet is the mosquito. Every year 750,000+ people are killed due to mosquito related diseases.

At Kite, we're committed to ending this epidemic.

Don't wait! Start protecting you and your family today.